Double Click Computers was founded on a simple philosophy: everyone has the right to quality, affordable IT services.

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We provide this by building a relationship with our clients, getting to know your business processes, and finding ways to use your technology to streamline those processes. We examine everything around the computer, from the temperature to the dust level to the power protection, to make sure your computers and network are in the most healthy environment for them to run at peak performance.

Respect is an important part of providing quality service, which is why our technicians will never talk down to you or make you feel “computer dumb.” A frustrating part of technology is getting stuck in the “he said, she said” loop. The printer guy says it’s a network problem, the network guy says it’s a printer problem. We eliminate that headache by being the one call you need to make. We will contact any other technology vendors that need to be involved and we will stick with the problem until it is resolved.

Every business is unique and you are an expert in your field, which is why we will custom tailor an IT plan to fit your business model. Because our business is based on relationships we do not require a year-long contract. Our service is either “break/fix”, which means you only call us when you need us, or a month-to-month agreement. This keeps us working hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

The next time your computers or technology have you overwhelmed, give us a call. We’d love to get to know you.